Your guide.


My Mission

I am committed to empower humans to realize their full potential, to have fun, and discover new thresholds that promote growth, purpose and balance using the tools and practices of the Wim Hof Method.

Background & Experience

I have trained directly under the guidance of Wim Hof, Kapser Van Der Meulen and Dr. Trisha Smith; and became a Certified Wim Hof Method Instructor with the Innerfire Wim Hof Academy in 2017.

As a professional yoga instructor, I have received mentorship and training in the craft of leadership, teaching and assisting from Coeli Marsh, Brandon Compagnone, Naima Workman, Baron Baptiste and the Baptiste Institute.

I was born and raised in a small town called Northampton, a beautiful nature haven in the western region of Massachusetts. At a young age, I learned to ski and went on to attend Stratton Mountain School, an elite winter sports academy in Vermont. Through alpine ski racing, I was constantly exposed to nature, the cold, adrenaline rushes and a committed group of talented athletes and coaches. I was fortunate to travel the world for competition and experienced first hand what it takes to compete at a high level.

Why WHM?

In 2016, I found the Wim Hof Method and immediately felt the profound effect the breathing exercises had on my life. I felt energized and determined in a whole new way. In my former years as an athlete, I struggled to focus and would often sabotage my potential on race day by doubting my abilities. This limiting belief system became a habitual, vicious cycle that would generate overwhelming anxiety and I became my own worst enemy. Using the WHM, I began to challenge myself in nature, and developed a new sense of personal power and inner confidence. I learned to work with, respect and understand the vital currents of nature, versus resisting and fighting against them. I remembered my love for nature and rediscovered that everything is connected. By awakening our senses and engaging with the surrounding environment, it is possible to disengage from the conditioned patterns that create fear, doubt and limit us from living a whole, balanced and inspired life. Everyone deserves to be strong, happy, and healthy, and we all have the ability to realize and pursue an extraordinary life.

Through using the tools of the Wim Hof Method you will learn to consciously tap into human potential, awaken, strengthen and connect to the innate and adaptive intelligence within the human physiology. Over time, incorporating the three pillars of the WHM – breathing, mind set and cold exposure; you can supercharge your life, achieve laser focus and go beyond what you thought possible.

I am excited to share my passion with you.